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About Us

SAPORITO FOODS is a leading supplier of canola oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, imported olive oils, blended oils, shortenings, margarines, and ZERO trans fat high performance fry oils for the Retail and Food Service markets.

Saporito Foods offers a variety of products to service every cooking, frying, and baking need for all kitchen requirements.  An extremely versatile bottling operation, Saporito Foods offers a complete line of oil products in packages ranging from 500mL bottles to 16L pails, up to as large as 1000L totes.

Saporito Foods possesses a keen understanding of the relationship between the food industry and commodity markets. Distributors and retailers leverage this knowledge to organize and develop strong oil programs.  These programs are built with high quality, competitively priced products, tailored to the specific needs of their consumer. This understanding translates into increased volumes and sales, and ultimately increased profits from their oil programs.

Founded more than a decade ago, Saporito Foods has become a market leader by focusing on the endless vision to supply heart healthy, great tasting, high quality and competitively priced oils, shortenings and margarines.