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Total Fry®

20kg Saporito Total Fry® Blended Frying Shortening, Deodorized

20kg Cube


“TOTAL FRY” is a blend of the highest quality tallows and premium quality vegetable oils, that is a favorite for deep-frying because of the great taste it delivers. This exceptional blended product is fully deodorized and is designed for optimal deep-frying performance.

With exceptional stability when used at high temperatures, this product is ideal for frying fish & chips, French-fried potatoes, poultry and a number of other finger foods.

In addition to delivering a long frying life, “TOTAL FRY” is ideal for enhancing flavor and texture while remaining consistent and avoiding the transfer of food tastes and aromas. An exceptional product that delivers great taste every time.

Use Saporito Total Fry®
If You Are:

  • Deep Frying


  • Top quality tallows
  • Premium grade oils
  • Extended frying life
  • Designed for deep frying
  • Delivers great taste

Ingredients: Deodorized Beef Tallow, Vegetable Oil, BHT, BHA (Anti-Oxidants), Propyl Gallate, Citric Acid, Dimethylpolysiloxane (Anti-Foaming Agent).