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Quality Assurance

Saporito Vegetable Oil BottlesDelivering a PREMIUM quality oil, is guaranteed through the commitment Saporito Foods dedicates to a stringent Quality Control Program. This commitment ensures that a PREMIUM quality oil is produced and delivered each and every time.

By maintaining a detailed tracking and encoding system, Saporito Foods has full traceability of all oils bottled, ensuring peace of mind for retailers and distributors by being able to deliver a PREMIUM quality product on a consistent basis.

Saporito Foods has internal audit procedures, which helps in monitoring of the implementation of food safety procedures and continuous need of training personnel. Saporito Foods undergoes third party audits annually and adheres to all government regulations to ensure that food safety, Quality Control measures and procedures are effective, consistent and guarantee the consumer receives the highest quality product each and every time.

Peace of Mind

HACCP Certification Logo

Saporito Foods is proud to have implemented a food safety system that has achieved and maintains ongoing HACCP Certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), one of the highest levels of food safety certifications.  This achievement was accomplished with the contribution and involvement of the entire Saporito Foods organization, which makes the food safety program that much more reliable and effective.


All oils bottled and distributed by Saporito Foods comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, rigorously enforced from production through to delivery of the product. Saporito Foods is proud to announce that we have scored 99.4% on our 2016 Food Safety Evaluation.

The commitment and effort in maintaining a top quality and effective food safety program (on a continuous and ongoing basis), is paramount for Saporito Foods.  The quality control program has the full and unconditional support of staff and management, to ensure that the food safety program continues to excel, further ensuring peace of mind for retailers and distributors.